Last week the Pearson’s National Teaching Gold Award went on tour. 


The Eternal Flames were proud to kick off the gold celebrations with their peers. They took time to reflect on the Echo Eternal project:

“To be part of Echo Eternal means that I must protect testimonies and be a guardian. I feel privileged to be chosen to take part in Echo Eternal and be an Eternal Flame. I am inspired and empowered to use my voice to be a beacon against hate and discrimination.”
Millie, Arena Academy Eternal Flame

On Tuesday, the Gold Award arrived at Rockwood Academy. In celebration, students had their photos taken with the award – their beaming smiles demonstrate the pride we all feel having won this accolade.

Our Eternal Flame Fellow, Sana, beautifully summed up the importance of Eternal Echo:

Echo Eternal is an important project as it allows people of our generation to raise our voices on behalf of those from previous generations who were silenced by genocides. Our duty and responsibility to the survivors does not end with simply hearing their testimony

To begin the celebrations at Jewellery Quarter Academy, Mr. Williams, announced the arrival of the gold award in assembly.  From the offset, it was made clear that the win was to be shared with the whole Jewellery Quarter Academy team. There was an opportunity for photographs and everyone shared in the merriment!

Golden gifts were given to every student in the form of chocolate and a well-deserved medal.

There was also a special celebratory party for Eternal Flames and Leaders of Tomorrow, where they shared their experiences of Echo Eternal so far:

“Echo Eternal has helped me to see how being treated with hate can affect people, families and communities – I hope to be a voice to speak out against hate, so these tragedies never happen again!” Mariam, JQA Eternal Flame

Finally, in the heart of the school there was a home baked GOLD cake that was enjoyed by the staff.

At City Academy, the students learnt about the partnerships that have made Echo Eternal so successful. The Gold Award was presented for this very reason and it is testament to the dedication that all of our partners have demonstrated since Echo Eternal’s inception.

“It is a privilege to be chosen and trusted with this great project. Being trusted with this testimony means a lot to me and I will always try to keep the Holocaust survivor’s memories alive. I want to make a positive change.“  Paula, City Academy Eternal Flame

The students at City Academy were able to see the award for themselves, celebrate together and reflect on what they, as Echo Eternal partners, have learnt on their journey.

“This project opened my eyes to the inequalities of the past. The survivor’s testimonies cannot be forgotten. My heart goes out to all of the victims and hopefully this is a moment in the worlds history that will not be repeated“ Shanoi, City Academy Student

In the final stop on last week’s tour, Christmas jumper day at Arena Academy added some festive spirit to the celebrations. Form Tutors presented and discussed the importance of Echo Eternal with students and together they celebrated the fantastic achievement of winning the award.

As part of the day, Arena Academy’s Eternal flames spoke with Year 7 about the upcoming Horizons Festival taking place in January. Year 7 also worked on their pledge to the community. In response to Holocaust survivor Hedi Frankl’s testimony, they pledge to commit to acts of courage and kindness within their communities.

Having the opportunity to see and hold the gold award during their workshop made the students so proud to know that their efforts are being recognised far and wide.