On Wednesday 16th September we were delighted to hear that CORE Education Trust’s Echo Eternal Project has been recognised in the Pearson National Teaching Awards with a Silver Award for Impact through Partnerships.  Announced at our Eternal Flame Induction Ceremony, we were joined by  Natasha Kaplinsky OBE, Sarah Worth Artistic Director of Highly Sprung and Vicki Gardner from Pearson to share in the celebration of our work.  

Leadership opportunities is a focus within Echo Eternal. 

“Echo Eternal is an important project as it allows people of our generation to raise our voices on behalf of those from previous generations who were silenced by genocides.” Sana, Eternal Flame Fellow ​

School Council Selection Process

Students were busy applying for positions on the Academy Council last week.  The Council is an important an element of school life and enables students to be directly involved in representing others and decision making.    Mr Williams the Headteacher picked out one example here of the enthusiastic, well researched and passionate speeches delivered as part of the selection process.

We look forward to reporting on the confirmed membership of the council in the future. 

“As a School Council member, you would expect me to be trusting, empathetic and passionate – the basics of a good leader.” Year 9 Student​ & School Council applicant

New Student Leaders at Arena

Arena Academy introduces their Head Students this week:

“It is a real honour to have this role within Arena and to be written into the history of our school but my main purpose over this year is to create positive change in the lives of your children.”
Aaron, Year 11

“Our aim is to allow students to collaborate, make the best of their opportunities, show respect to each other, and attain excellence in all we do, mirroring the CORE values that define our school.” Freya, Year 11

Leaders of Tomorrow

#CORELoT  – this programme involves 20 students from across CORE Schools.  The leadership programme provides a range of opportunities and development activities.   Professional actor Fela Lufadeju had his first mentoring sessions with members of #CORELoT last week.  We are delighted he will provide mentoring and presentation skill development sessions throughout the year.

“Fela talked with students about his experience of working hard to achieve his ambitions. He spoke of overcoming barriers and how he had to work on amplifying his skills. I admire Fela’s hard work, determination and resilience.” Izma, Rockwood Academy Student

Eternal Flame Fellowship

In recognition of her exceptional contribution to Echo Eternal,   Sana from Rockwood Academy was named Eternal Flame Fellow last Wednesday.  At the ceremony Sana wowed all those present with her Fellowship Speech.  Sana spoke with passion and commitment to the importance of young people’s role in ensuring the testimonies of Holocaust survivors are remembered and learnt from in the future.   The culmination of her speech was a call to action to the assembled newly inducted Eternal Flames.  Linking to the work of Save the Children and Holocaust survivor Mady Gerrard’s accounts of starvation, Sana called on her peers to mount a charitable campaign.

The 19 students inducted as Eternal Flames have committed to being guardians of individual testimonies of Holocaust survivors.   As a group of they will mount a charitable campaign in response to Sana’s call.

“I want to encourage you to harness your collective energy, commitment, and creativity as young people to raise awareness of this issue and to contribute in some way to support the work of organisations like Save the Children.” Sana, Eternal Flame Fellow

Sana's Eternal Flame Fellowship Speech

Arena’s Eternal Flames

Millie, Shakeel and Finn of Arena Academy attended the Eternal Flame Induction Ceremony and were delighted to become Eternal Flames. They are committed to the work of Echo Eternal.

They are eager to take on their new leadership responsibilities.  As Eternal Flames they have a duty and responsibility as guardians of the testimonies of survivors of the Holocaust  and a commitment to mount a charitable campaign.


“It is so exciting to be a part of something that really is life changing for me. My Holocaust survivor is  Robert Kirk BEM. We get to collaborate and make an impact” Finn, Eternal Flame.

City’s Eternal Flames

Ibtisam and Paula from City Academy were proud to represent their school at the Eternal Flame Induction Ceremony.  Natasha Kaplinsky OBE spoke of the importance of Echo Eternal in  echoing eternally the testimony of survivors into the future. Both students  expressed their excitement at the opportunities  their new roles will hold for them.

During the Summer Arts Week, Eternal Flame students worked with Sarah Worth from Highly Sprung in the initial shaping of the plans for Echo Eternal: Horizons 2021 to mark Holocaust Memorial Day in January.

 “We look forward to exploring more ideas for Horizons 2021 and will take every opportunity to take part”  Ibtisam and Paula, Eternal Flames.

JQA’s Eternal Flames

Ellice, Mariam, Talal and Hanayah of Jewellery Quarter Academy were inducted as   Etenal Flames.  They have willingly taken up the call to action from Sana Hanif, the Eternal Flame Fellow, to mount a charitable campaign and the commitment and duty to their identified survivor testimony from the Holocaust.

The 19 Eternal Flames will work within their own schools and with partners on ensuring the survivors’ testimonies are accurately retold.  As a group of 19 they will collaborate on mounting the charitable campaign.  JQA is part of the UCL network of Beacon Schools in Holocaust Education. Their Eternal Flames will take an active role in promoting the school’s work.

“I hope to do my survivor proud.” Talal, Eternal Flame.

Rockwood Academy Eternal Flames

Rockwood Academy’s Eternal Flames have a busy time ahead.  In addition to their responsibility to their survivors’ testimonies and the collective charitable campaign with the other Eternal Flames, the nine Rockwood students will take an active part in the school’s plans for commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day in 2021.  As a member of the UCL Beacon Schools in Holocaust Education, Rockwood holds a series of learning and community activities in commemoration of the Holocaust.

Bushra, Badra, Sabrin,  Petre-Maris, Inayah, Haider, Shaju and Shahid were proud to become Eternal Flames.  They were delighted that Ms Darr, Headteacher was present to hear their Rockwood peer Sana’s Eternal Fellowship Speech.

“We look forward to exploring more ways to commemorate the Holocaust with our fellow Eternal Flames” Rockwood Academy Eternal Flames.