Arena Academy

Last week, Mr Mann took to Heart FM and asked for support from the local community. Not all of our students have access to laptops/tablets and we’re on a mission to change this! We’re asking our communities to donate old devices to our students. Find out more:

In preparation for Arena’s campaign day, as part of @EchoEternal112 #EchoHorizons21 Festival, Year 7 & 8 students, inspired by Hedi Frankl’s testimony, learnt more about Arena’s pledge and its implementation in the local community. Join their Horizons campaign day:

Arena had a visit from the military last week to check COVID-19 testing facilities. We were delighted to hear that Arena has one of the best school testing centres they have seen. Many thanks to the Army for this endorsement and Mr Newman for his hard work on this.

Each morning, Arena Academy delivered live workouts to make sure we’re all keeping active and healthy during lockdown. What a great way to start the day!

You can watch the videos on our YouTube channel here and join in live on Wednesdays and Thursdays!

City Academy

Creativity took centre stage when City Academy’s Year 11 students sent in some of their outstanding artwork and we saw Year 7s learning about proportion.

Maths was applied in Design and Technology – it’s great to see cross-curriculum activities continuing online!


Jewellery Quarter Academy

Last week, Year 11s at Jewellery Quarter Academy researched, planned, discussed and created some excellent ideas around possible safety issues in our local area, whilst looking at the stimulus ‘Vantage Point’.

Earlier in the week, students at JQA used online polls to gauge student opinions on the top effective treatments of The Black Death.

Head of Year 7, Miss Seleshe, sent rewards home to Year 7 students who have gone above and beyond in their home learning efforts.

Rockwood Academy

Inspired by artist Patianne Stevenson, Rockwood’s Academy’s Year 7s produced some beautiful drawings.

Lockdown won’t stop our young scientists! In their lessons, Rockwood Academy’s Year 7s explored structure & function of the skeleton and constructed their own skeleton models using household waste! Last week also saw Year 8 conduct experiments at home, whilst learning about the respiratory system.