#CORErespect from our Brand Ambassadors


It has been wonderful to see our students showing pride in their new school uniform that started to roll out across CORE schools last week.  The students modelling their uniforms are our Brand Ambassadors, they have taken on this role with the upmost respect.

“Our new logo has a C! It’s such a fun design to represent CORE Education Trust and our school!”

Sienna, Arena Academy Student

Modern Foreign Languages

Arena Academy pride themselves on celebrating their differences and are fortunate to have many students and staff from a variety of cultures.

To show respect and to learn from these cultures, Mrs Brighton led European Day of languages, which included:

  • Students greeting form groups across school in their native tongue
  • Staff briefing announcements made in different languages
  • Students taking part in interactive activities with their teachers


National Thank A Teacher Day

City students showed respect and thanks to their teachers who are keeping them safe in school during this crucial time of change.



Chess with Year 8 at JQA

Year 8 bubbles have seen students exploring new ways of interacting during their lunchtime. They have a new found respect for problem solving, collaboration and most importantly, each other.

World Mental Health Day 2020

The months of lockdown have had a huge impact on us all, and prioritising mental health has never been more important.

At CORE we have taken the opportunity to encourage and promote healthy habits to support positive mental attitude.

Rockwood Academy students have been keeping active to build each others’ confidence, wellbeing and respect for their team mates.

Rethinking Leadership – A conversation with our CEO

Our CEO Adrian Packer discussed education and transforming schools with Jude Jennison on her podcast ‘Rethinking Leadership’.

“I loved Adrian’s dogged determination balanced with a collaborative approach. Those two things might seem at opposite ends of the spectrum but I’m impressed by his ability to hold the polarity of strength and gentleness.”  Jude Jennison

You can listen here: